From 1994, when I launched Late Show News, until I gave notice at the Kansas City Star in 2012, television was my muse. If you followed my musings during that time then you probably have been on TV Barn before. (Here’s how this page looked in 1999.)

I stepped away because, after a successful battle with leukemia, I was eager to try new things. Joining forces with Diane, we wrote articles and books, published titles through our Quindaro imprint (including four YA books funded by Kickstarter), and gave a lot of talks, including one that aired on C-SPAN. I also did solo work, and as you can see in the picture above, I took up running.

My return to the TV beat

In late 2018 I heard from Jed Rosenzweig, a very early subscriber to Late Show News. We’d once done a Yahoo-TV Barn collaboration when he was a top editor there. Later he founded High Def Digest. Like many of us, Jed misses the old blogs and websites that used to keep savvy TV watchers up to date. With help from myself and the creators of Television Without Pity and TV Tattle, he launched in April 2019.

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